WORDWOX allows you to vocalize text into audio. You can listen to books, articles, lectures, notes, and any other text files using your computer or phone. WORDWOX is free.

In addition, you can save a text file in audio format on your computer or phone. It is very convenient, fast and free.

WORDWOX for web resources (websites, blogs, portals)

Just insert the WORDWOX code in the beginning or the end of any article, and the readers of your blog will be able to listen to it. It takes less than 1 minute to insert the code, but it will make your website or blog more user-friendly and convenient for the readers.

How to insert code on the page? The code should be inserted between the tags HEAD. When clicking on ‘listen’ the text will be played. WORDWOX doesn’t read links, images or anything else a reader doesn’t need. WORDWOX is safe for your website. For all questions you can contact us by e-mail:

To copy the HTML code, press Ctrl + C

WORDWOX for mobile devices

Download WORDWOX to your phone, and you will be able to listen to books, articles and any other text anywhere, anytime. You can download WORDWOX for these platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The application is free.

WORDWOX for browsers

Download and install the extension for your browser and without a hitch you can listen to articles and notes on the Internet. Applications are available for these versions of browsers: Opera, Mozilla, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.